Woman smelling flowers against a vibrant community backdrop of gardens, greenhouses, wind turbines and solar panels

Do you believe in community and have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to be part of developing a new model for community? We are currently in the process of solidifying a core group, developing our mission and goals, and financing and locating the perfect property for an intentional community.

Latest Updates

The Opportunity

We are currently in the process of solidifying financing and locating a suitable property on which to form an intentional community.

We are seeking people to join this project in a variety of capacities. We need enough capital to purchase the property and cover start-up costs, but participation is open even if you have limited or no capital to contribute. Everyone who invests money will either be bought out over time, completely if they are non-residents, or down to a standard share if they are residents. For those without funds to contribute, a “sweat equity” option for covering their share will be available. Decision-making power will be held by resident-owners with input from non-resident-owners.

The Vision

We envision a multi-generational community that is socially enriching, economically thriving, and ecologically sustainable. We see the potential on this property (and have interested/involved parties) for many things, including:

  • Significant food production, involving permaculture, aquaponics and mycology
  • Green and regenerative business incubation
  • Art and play
  • Democratic education and childcare
  • Conferences, events, workshops, healing/retreat center
  • Long-term housing and short-term rentals
  • Working towards goals such as zero waste and net-zero energy

Development of governance, ownership and such is currently occurring, and will be based in democracy and collaboration. Additionally, we will be reaching out to area tribal representatives to ensure they are consulted and included in the process, vision, and ownership of the land we end up purchasing.

To maintain a vibrant and healthy community, residents will need to meet a variety of responsibilities, including:

  • Active participation in the governance, management, decision-making, and social-culture of the community
  • Contributing financially and with labor on an ongoing basis towards the buy-out of investments, maintenance and upkeep, as well as the fulfillment of the core principles of the community
  • Annual trainings/refreshers in cooperative governance, management & decision-making, facilitation, DEI, conflict resolution, or others as needed
  • Engaging in social hygiene and conflict resolution processes to keep the social fabric of the community strong, and doing the personal work needed for this

Next Steps

If you would are interested in participating in upcoming meetings for this project, please send us an email or register for the site to participate in the groups and forums. Your information will not be shared elsewhere.