Laurelwood Site Visit and Update

A rather large group of us spent Sunday the 12th out at Laurelwood Academy. We brought electricians, contractors, farmers, permaculture designers and more – and spent several hours touring the grounds and inspecting the buildings fairly thoroughly. The consensus is that it would take literally millions of dollars to get the property up to speed.

Additionally, we have learned through the due diligence process some unfortunate details, including an auction reserve that is much higher (but still unknown) than the starting bid. I believe the current owners are hoping to get $6-$7M out of the property, which is simply untenable – especially given the amount of time and money we would need to put into the place.

We are disappointed, but confident in the core group and our desire and ability to move forward to whatever comes next.

About the author: Briana Montagne

Hi! You would think after however many years of writing bios I'd have figured it out, but I keep changing and am never sure what to say. Briana, Bri, Indigo, MomDad, call me whatevs. She/they but it doesn't really matter to me. I'm married to Damien and have 3 teenage girls - Caitlyn, Celina and Ren. Also 2 cats and around 20 quail. I like community, helping, and long conversations with good people. Hobbies are mostly work at this point - we make soap and teas and such, and I tinker with websites. I also enjoy medical genetics and nutrigenomics.

My career has been largely as a website designer/dev (UX designer if you're familiar with the term), though I've dabbled in a variety of areas professionally, including raising animals (cattle, horses, llamas, quail, cats... 😉 ) I also enjoy cooking, and am on a mostly AIP diet - gluten-free, dairy-free, no chicken eggs (though I can do quail), very few legumes or grains, and no nightshades.

I sing, and would love to dance more - solo and partner. I enjoy gardening but occasionally get too busy to remember to water things after awhile. Foraging is always fun, and I'd like to learn more about mushroom hunting. Comfortable in any social situation and in the political realm, there's not much I can't do, given a little time. How can I help? 🙂

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