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      Diane Shaffer

      One thing I’d like to note…
      Horse-drawn farming implements have a smaller turn radius, which means you can fit more crops into a space.
      Also, horses are cheaper and easier to maintain than tractors.

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      Jerrilee Geist

      I strongly lean toward consensus (true consensus) as a decision-making model and sociocracy as a goal for growth. Voting as in democracy tends to create divides between people whereas consensus may take longer, but better decisions that everyone can get behind come out of it. With sociocracy, we create committees (like the farm committee) which can make decisions on their own (with consensus used within those committees). In the example you bring up, the farm committee can discuss their reasoning and must always come back to – what helps us best fulfill our vision and mission? Is it horses or tractors? And am I being stubborn because I dislike being wrong or because I genuinely think my preferred option will be most beneficial to the community as a whole? And the rest of the community does not need to be involved in the decision (unless they want to).

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