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      Orion Raphael

      I thought it would be nice to have a thread of videos and articles of inspiring and insightful information. Here’s three of my favorite Youtube channels!

      Exploring Alternatives.
      They do spotlights on various permaculture, off grid, mobile/tiny/vanlife dwellings, and natural building projects. A really nice diverse set of solution! The videos are more sparks for inspiration and a good path for further research then detailed guides.

      Saint Andrewism.
      This guy is doing some amazing exploration of solarpunk, counter culture, environmentalist, and leftist topics. He weaves researched and well thought information into his personal musings in a forward thinking, honest, and paced for easy consumption style. I get a lot of inspiration from his perspectives.

      Growing Your Greens
      John has hundreds and HUNDREDS of videos going back 12 years on gardening, farming, permaculture, and cooking. His gentle plain spoken approach gets into important details but stays relevant. Every time I google a any sort of permaculture or gardening technique dude ALWAYS has a video on it… it’s almost freaky how many topics he’s covered, and that’s one of the reasons I find his insights really valuable.

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