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      One of the things I’m really looking forward to on this property is the prospect of a potential mycology lab. Mushrooms are fun little guys (pun intended) and I feel they could be a very beneficial crop for the community. I have a list of mushrooms I’d like to grow, some for culinary purposes and some for medicinal purposes. They also could provide income within the general area outside of laurelwood, i.e, making deals with furniture companies to use their excess wood shavings for substrate, selling culinary varieties to local restaurants, or just selling them at a local farmer’s market.
      Also munchie crunchie >:))))

      If anyone is interested in potentially helping set up/working in the lab, responses are encouraged!

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      That sounds like a great idea! I love it!

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      Jerrilee Geist

      I am 100% in, I’ve been very interested in growing for a while and have had some semi successful attempts, but a lot yet to learn
      In terms of the broader vision and mission, I think there should be a lot of room for many community businesses as we all have different areas of interest and expertise.

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      Joel Spector

      I’m strongly in favor of growing mushrooms. I think we might want to distinguish between a mycology *lab* and a mushroom farm. Both are good, but to different purposes. Somebody else might want to have conversations with God; I want miitakis to add to the stir-fry.

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      Yes! I would love to be part of that and have that part of the community!

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