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      To answer some of those questions for us – first is location. We need to be within an hour of Gresham, where the youngest’s mom is. We can maybe stretch that a little bit, but not by a ton. I think Damien would prefer the East side, but ultimately I don’t know that it matters!

      We come with the two kids; tiny dwellings or potentially a little yurt village would maybe suffice if need be, though I’m sure a house-ish thing would be ideal! I’d personally be okay with whatever, so long as it’s not moldy and I have an actual bed. LOL

      Beyond that, I’m pretty open to seeing what comes up!

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      Orion Raphael

      I think we need to think smaller compared to the Gaston spot.

      High speed internet: Ideally fiber to the site, but if not then we’ll need a radio line of site to a business/town/etc with fiber that we can setup a point to point wifi uplink.

      Local laws: Building in Multnomah county would be prohibitive given the zoning laws for example.

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      Ben Lindsey

      Land enough for fully sustainable agriculture and livestock requirements for all residents would be lovely, plus enough timber to produce lumber for some of the buildings would be useful.

      Electricity (from the grid I suppose) would be useful to start with.

      Having a four season stream with a decent flow would be used for supplemental hydroelectric power down the road.

      I am a fan of separate buildings for individual sleeping areas, and otherwise shared common spaces (separation of personal and public spaces).

      Some sort of shop or shed used to stage and build materials for other buildings would be essential, imho. This could be an already existing building repurposed too.

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      Jerrilee Geist

      I think we should be looking for a minimum of 50 acres, but the more the better.

      If there are existing houses, it will help speed up the process of making it livable. On the flip side, we won’t have as much say on aesthetics.

      I’m ok with yurts, but they degrade pretty quickly. I prefer them to trailers though.

      Within an hour of Portland is preferable.

      I need trees – just a little bit of forest please!

      Water (year round stream of spring is preferable)

      Some already cleared space for growing food to feed the community

      Space for animals.

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      I agree re 50 acres minimum, more is better. Some trees a must and would definitely like to have year-round water. My strong preference if we can find it would be riverfront property. I know that is asking a lot, but I don’t think it is asking too much. Also need some cleared space that gets sun for growing food.

      I need to be within an hour (ideally less – like 30-40 minutes would be my preferred maximum) of SE Portland.

      Agree that having some buildings to start will help us be able to get on the land sooner, but having too many makes it harder (probably) to create our ideal set up. I’m thinking a barn (open sided or enclosed) would be a huge asset for events and starting events as a revenue stream.

      Need high speed internet. My business relies on that.

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