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      Joel Spector

      We want to have a rosy, positive, optimistic, socially just and environmentally wise technological culture. We want to revel in our capacities to create and appreciate beauty, and also be competent and effective at taking action to further our wellbeing, individually, collectively, and universally.

      Okay, great, I can make lists of adjectives. Now what?

      What I’ve been doing with Solarpunk Portland is developing an ‘idea file’; a catalog of projects with their resource requirements, return on investment calculations, interrelationships and synergies with other projects and programs, and relating them to our list of human requirements, treating that last as a project specification.

      *This* project is different; it is more tightly bounded. We are trying to get to know each other and build community with each other, and not trying to take on all of Portland whether it likes it or not.

      That will have to include discussions on how we want to interact with people,agencies, and societies outside of ourselves. But I think before we get to that we need to contemplate how we want to interact *amongst* ourselves — who do we want to be, both as individuals and as a community?

      So, what are your opinions?

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