Where We Are Now

Trying to pull together the people and resources to actually make this happen! We’ve got some high-quality people with valuable experience on board, and we are continuing to connect with others who have similar visions to find out where things mesh and how we can best make this work. It’s happening!

1-2 Year Plan

We anticipate the first couple years will be spent largely getting a feel for the property, making renovations to living space, and starting to design and create the framework for the future. Painting murals, expanding the gardens, adding bathrooms to the dorm rooms, prioritizing larger projects…

Earning a steady income will also be a priority. Rent will be affordable and on a sliding scale (and balanced with sweat equity for those who have less financial capital). We have multiple small businesses ready to move their operations and contribute income (and resources, jobs, and skills training) to the community. In addition, we have been experimenting with small-scale aquaponics and mycology, and have knowledgeable farmers among our numbers.

Events, workshops, conferences, camps, and short-term rentals will help provide regular income as well. Members are welcome to utilize the space for working or hosting classes and such. Have ideas? Let’s work together to make them happen – for the benefit of all!

2-5 Year Plan

Once the primary renovations for living and using the main spaces have been completed, we will have no shortage of larger projects to move on to. A large climate-resilient greenhouse and agriculture space is high on our priority list, for community-scale food production. Retrofitting the buildings and land for renewable energy production (likely solar and wind) is also high on the list.

Creating a democratic school and childcare center for community members is also a goal, as is continuing to expand cottage industries within the community – providing additional skills training and “jobs” for members in the community and the surrounding area. We expect to reach a point at which the community is largely self-sufficient in terms of energy, food and income, though some more detailed planning (and likely more than 5 years) is needed.


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