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I’m putting text here simply so there isn’t Lorem Ipsum… LOL

Hi! I’m Briana; my husband’s name is Damien. I’ll add more info here shortly, but for now I’m swamped with due diligence, making this website, running a business, working a FT day job, and raising teenagers. It’s a lot, but this desperately needs to happen – and it’s a dream I’ve had since I was literally about 12. I’m a little older than that now. 😉

And this paragraph is written by Jerrilee. My partner, mom, and I have been working on forming community for the last 7 months, and each of us has been thinking about it for much longer. We connected recently with Briana and Damien and others and are excited to see exactly what form our dreams will take.

Take a look around, send us questions, whatever – we’ll do our best to get this organized ASAP!


The Team

Bios coming soon!


Surprise! This website functions as its own little social network, too! Friend request, send messages, start groups – the world is your oyster.

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