Woman smelling flowers against a vibrant community backdrop of gardens, greenhouses, wind turbines and solar panels

The Big Picture

We envision a vibrant ecovillage based on permaculture principles, operating as a catalyst for cultural transformation. Through courage, hope, connection, and diversity, we are building resilient systems, relationships, and lifestyles that provide vitality and joy through good times and hard.

Our Mission

To be good stewards of the land and each other. To be a self-sufficient community and haven that protects, heals, nourishes and enriches. To share knowledge, joy, connection, and resources – and cultivate kinship, knowledge, skills, and arts that bring increased richness and wellbeing to the community and the land. To build a climate-resilient community that provides for members and the surrounding community, in hard times and in good.

The Details

We intend to be a diverse, self-sufficient, restorative and abundant community across all walks of life. Here are some details in regards to how we see that happening.


Producing and preparing an abundance of nourishing food using permaculture, aquaponics, mycology and more.


The operation and cultivation of businesses grown out of the passion and creativity of our members.


Providing childcare support and a democratic educational environment for people of all ages.

Art & Play

Art, music, games, dancing, laughing, creating. Celebrating life and each other while encouraging public participation.


Offering community trainings and gatherings, workshops, classes, and celebrations.


Providing comfortable affordable long-term housing for community members and short-term sanctuary as needed.


Responsibly managing energy, systems, and land. Restoration projects, increasing biodiversity, zero waste, net zero energy.


Interaction with the surrounding community. Building bridges and learning from each other.


Producing enough food, energy and other resources to weather potential future disasters and unforeseen events.


Consensus decision making; rebalancing power distribution equitably and growing through trainings and gatherings.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Celebrating our differences and cultivating a more equitable, inclusive environment.


Encouraging creative solutions and innovation, and providing a maker space and shared equipment, tools & materials.

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