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Creativity is Vital

Creative expression is such an important, integral part of being human. Many of the people involved are part of the Burning Man community and spend a good amount of their time being creative in various ways, including making art and music, practicing flow arts, playing games of all sorts, and generally being curious, playful human beings. We want to encourage and inspire this at every opportunity, and provide opportunities and resources for people to learn, play and explore

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What better canvas than giant buildings?! We can’t wait to have community-sourced murals adorning the property. There is an existing art room, performance areas, and facilities for woodworking, metal arts, an automotive painting bay, pottery facilities (including a kiln, rumour has it)… The possibilities are endless.


Music is another vital part of humanity. Included with the buildings are SEVERAL pianos, including two grand pianos in decent shape. There is a yoga and drumming space filled with mats and djembes. There are multiple performance spaces and several individual sound-insulated practice rooms. We anticipate building part of the space out into a professional-level recording studio.



Board games, computer games, outdoor activities, theatre, flow arts… There’s a full-sized gymnasium, and even a dance studio with mirrored walls and a giant hula hoop! Some of the things we envision adding are a pole, aerial silks, an outdoor obstacle course/exercise area, zip lines and treehouses… Just because some of us are adults doesn’t mean we don’t get to have fun!

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