It Takes a Village

As human beings, we are always learning and growing. Whether it’s life skills, job training, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, or something else entirely, we believe ongoing education is critical. We come from a democratic school background, and would love to help teach others in a low-stress, “practicing life” sort of way. Humans are inherently curious, explorative beings, and we aim to encourage and support that.

Democratic Education

Democratic schools balance freedom, responsibility and community. Students learn how to navigate the world, advocate for themselves, and be productive members of a thriving community. There are no required classes; no tests; no rows of desks and rules about what you have to spend your day doing. The goal is to practice life and community in the setting of a small-scale working democracy. Similar to the Sudbury School model, there are dozens of self-directed democratic schools throughout the country – and the results speak for themselves.


Since when did we decide that enforced curriculums and rote memorization are the best way to learn anything? Unschoolers learn through life experience. Play, chores, exploring personal interests, work internships, field trips and travel, reading and videos, interacting with people of all ages… “School” can be anything. People are encouraged to explore interests and activities that appeal to them or provide value; for some, this means taking courses, for others it could mean putting together a play with friends, building a treehouse, learning about mycology or tree names, or anything else you can imagine.



A supportive community focused on lifelong learning and building relationships includes people of all ages. One of the challenges of our current society is a lack of support for families, and especially single or working parents. Childcare can be prohibitively expensive and even inaccessible to many. We believe it takes a village, and both older children and adults can be involved in helping care for the younger children in a community.

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