Things Do Be Happening

Apologies for the Gen Z humour; I have teenagers and have been attempting to add text to this website for way too long with way too little sleep. Regardless, things definitely do be happening all the time! We envision a vibrant community with scheduled and impromptu happenings regularly – workshops, trainings, classes, performances, gatherings, celebrations…

Workshops and Classes

Have something to teach? Want to learn something? Have we got spaces for you! So. Many. Classrooms. We aren’t really sure what we’re going to do with them all yet, but the opportunities (and spaces) are nearly endless. Trainings will be offered in cooperative governance, management & decision-making, facilitation, DEI, conflict resolution, and a variety of other areas. External participants are welcomed and encouraged for many; this will be one of the areas of income generation as well as a way to facilitate growth and community.


Drum circles? Potlucks? Work parties, family reunions, and solstice celebrations? Oh my! Communities gather by nature; we anticipate having many varieties of gatherings.



Here’s where the real fun comes in. If you’ve never been to a burner event, you are missing out. If you have, then you’ll be extra excited to know we definitely intend to host some quality hootenannies and campouts, roller skating parties, and general shenanigans. Live music and art events, theatre performances, TED talks – who knows?! 

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