Creativity is Vital

We plan to have a variety of housing, for individuals, families, elders, folx with disabilities, and more. 

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What better canvas than giant buildings?! We can’t wait to have community-sourced murals adorning the property. There is an existing art room, performance areas, and facilities for woodworking, metal arts, an automotive painting bay, pottery facilities (including a kiln, rumour has it)… The possibilities are endless.


Short-term housing for renters and potential members



Board games, computer games, outdoor activities, theatre, flow arts… There’s a full-sized gymnasium, and even a dance studio with mirrored walls and a giant hula hoop! Some of the things we envision adding are a pole, aerial silks, an outdoor obstacle course/exercise area, zip lines and treehouses… Just because some of us are adults doesn’t mean we don’t get to have fun!

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